What we offer


We empower you to be your best self in all aspects of life. We provide value through our Social Media Outlets which offer free daily doses of motivation, positivity and video to help keep you on that #positivemindset.

We also host a 3 day events held in Austin, TX !!  & if you can't make it to that...  we have an amazing 8 week online course that you can register for, and complete, right from your home. 


Our mission with SHEROSE Women's Retreat is to Empower & help you re-imagine your best life with our breakthrough workshops, a new found community and immerse you with all things #positivemindset.

We start our days with guided yoga, meditation and host 3 workshops, with a total of 7 speakers.

This is for your Next Level Women wanting the experience of a guided retreat style, breakthrough process. 

Online courses

For those serious to make a lasting change in their mindset, life and career. 

This isn't only for the entrepreneurs of the world.  This 8 week course was designed to help you reach the Next Level!

Despite your current circumstances, if you're ready for a mindset make over and true transformation, register today!!